The DPI-10 Mobile Handheld 3D Scanner

The new standard in handheld 3D scanning. Cross-platform and cross-sensor compatibility.

DotProduct develops high performance easy-to-use solutions for capturing 3D data. Our technology is designed for mobile professionals who need high quality spatial data, instantly. On the DPI-10 and DPI-10SR, our included Dot3D™ Pro software enables real-time 3D scanning on Android or Windows.

  • Multi-sensor compatibility (PrimeSense and RealSense™)
  • Daylight scanning capabilities with Intel® RealSense™
  • Windows OS support
  • Major increase in single scene capture size (up to 160 million points)
  • Major increase in single scene capture size (up to 160 million points)
  • Semi-automatic registration of multiple DP scans via AprilTags
Truly Mobile, Self-Contained Handheld 3D Scanning

Forget lugging around a laptop and cumbersome cables

  • Capture and process 3D spatial data directly on the tablet
  • Safely scan difficult areas with one or two hands
  • Crop, measure, annotate and more in Dot3D™ Pro
  • Compare and register scan data to CAD data on the tablet in the field with Dot3D™ Pro 3.1 and up (included)

Real-Time Results with Dot3D™ Pro on Android & Windows

  • No surprises: leave the jobsite knowing you’ve collected the right data you need for your project
  • Dot3D™ Pro technology provides users with real-time data quality feedback as the data is being acquired
  • Instantly review point cloud datasets right on the tablet