The construction industry is looking for new solutions to cut down on the billions of dollars lost each year due to inaccurate and incompatible project data leading to rework and collaboration breakdowns.

 The MAGNET software suite addresses this need by streamlining workflows for contractors, surveyors, modelers, estimators and project managers across each stage of a construction project. This field, cloud and office software suite, when combined with Topcon’s state-of-the-art instruments and machine control, enable users to create and access the right data, in the right place, all the time.

 MAGNET is a comprehensive, connected and compatible solution that closes the gap between the survey and construction industries.

Magnet (Software Suite Field, Enterprise and Office)

MAGNET provides full application coverage with end-to-end workflows for contractors and surveyors. This software suite improves productivity across the entire project

  • Earthmoving and paving
  • Stakeout and surveying
  • Bulk earthmoving
  • Building Construction