Unique High-End Digital Levels by H3 Geospatial Technologies

The SDL1X is designed to achieve the highest precision and productivity in levelling and height measurement applications. From Intelligent Auto Focus to wireless operation, a number of innovative technologies are implemented for unmatched reliability while eliminating error factors during measurement.

The SDL1X sets the ultimate benchmark for the precision digital levels.

  • Saving Measurement Time by up to 40%
  • Seamless Switching Between Auto Focus and Manual
  • View Finder for Quick Sighting
  • Intelligent Auto Focus
  • Remote Trigger
  • Dual-axis Tilt Sensor
  • Measurement and Recording Programs
  • Up-to-date Data Memory and Interface
  • 100m (320ft.) Bluetooth Wireless Modem (Optional)
  • New Super-Invar Staff for 0.2mm Precision
  • 0.2mm precision (ISO17123-2)
  • Auto Focus for high-end digital level
  • View Finder for quick sighting
  • Remote Trigger for wireless operation
  • Dual-axis Tilt Sensor that ensures precision
  • SD card slot for data storage
  • 100m (320ft.) Bluetooth wireless communication
  • BIS30A staff with +-0.1ppm linear expansion coefficient